Service Details

When you notice unwanted insects in your home or business, call Allen Miller's-Bees Be Gone in Waco, Texas. I offer fast, effective insect control that you can depend on.

90-Day Warranty

If your insects come back, I come back too! With a 90-day warranty on my services, you can be sure that your bees, wasps, and hornets are truly gone.

Affordable Prices

Save money with the most affordable insect control in the area. I charge low rates and my warranty saves you even more money in the unlikely event that your pests return. Just contact me and I'll ask you a few questions to determine pricing for your job. Rates are based on your location and the services you require. There is a minimum charge of $150 for bee, wasp, and hornet removal.


Safety is my number-one priority on every job. I do the job right and take all proper precautions to ensure I do not to get hurt and my clients remain safe. During the time of service, I recommend leaving the location for two hours to ensure your safety.

Contact me for affordable insect control.